Google Maps SEO – Local Search Marketing Case Study – We look at a case study local organic search optimization. This case study didn’t have a ton of competition for their localized GEO-specific keywords, but many small businesses are like this. This doesn’t mean it’s not a good idea to have great search engine rankings those specific keywords. When people add local modifiers they are usually really close to making a buying decision. There may be less searches for those keywords, but they tend to convert better due the online browsers intent. This way you can have a keyword that only gets 50 searches a month, but those people searching with that specific keyword phrase is ready to buy. As opposed to a broader term that gets tons more search volume but the intent is only for information. An interesting fact, is most people spend the majority of their money within a 20 mile radius and over 80% of people do research on products and/or services before they buy, therefore it makes really good sense to make sure you local small business is ranking well for it’s GEO-specific keywords.

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